The Book

Pages: 170

Cover: Soft Cover

Size: 7×10 inches

Author: Anne McAwley-LeDuc, RN, APRN

Publisher: Husky Trail Press LLC

The Personal Health Organizer will help you advocate for yourself and your family for better health care in today’s complex and often overwhelming medical system.

As a nurse practitioner (APRN), Anne McAwley-LeDuc knows that having complete and accurate health histories available helps medical professionals diagnose and treat patients more effectively, as well as safely. Documenting your medical details in the Personal Health Organizer will provide a snapshot of your health history…past, present, and ongoing.

Here’s how this invaluable resource can help you and your family:

• In an emergency or disaster, when medical history may not be available, this book could be a life-saving tool.

• Childhood and family health history will be available when needed.

• As time goes by, important medical details won’t be forgotten.

• A caregiver’s burden will be lighter when medical history is at their fingertips.

In the Personal Health Organizer there are sections for documenting important health issues, family history, immunizations, allergies, and medications. It includes women’s health plus pregnancy, men’s health, dental care, final wishes, and quick reference lists for diagnoses and surgeries.

It’s never too early or too late to start!


“I think everyone should have one of these. This is important, and I’m going to get one for my kids. This would be a great gift for someone who just had a baby.”

–Jack Canfield, bestselling coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“I truly think this book is a much-needed resource for patients and their families.”

–Catherine E. Hylwa, MD, Internal Medicine

“Finally, a way to compile our important health information in one organized book! This is an ideal tool for caregivers.”

–Diane McCall, Hospice RN

“This book provides a comprehensive record of personal and medical history which is very useful when developing medical and/or instructional plans for students.”

–Jim Worth, High School Principal