About Anne

Anne McAwley-LeDuc, RN, APRN, is a registered nurse (RN), having graduated from the Meriden-Wallingford Hospital School of Nursing. She is also a nurse practitioner, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Eastern Connecticut State University and a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Connecticut.

As an RN, her hospital experience was extensive, and included ICU, emergency room, and all types of medical/surgical units, including the specialties of orthopedics and cardiology. Anne also worked in home care, nursing homes, and dialysis, where she became a certified nephrology nurse. Anne expanded her expertise to become a registered vascular technologist (RVT), and operated a vascular lab for three cardiovascular surgeons.

After 31 years as an RN, she went back to school for an additional three years to become a nurse practitioner (APRN). Her APRN clinical training was in primary care medicine, and she was board-certified in adult medicine. As a nurse practitioner, with the role of diagnosing and treating patients, she worked for almost a decade in multiple extended-care facilities with geriatric and post-hospital, short-term rehab patients.

Anne, now retired, writes and speaks on health-related topics. She lives in a small town in Connecticut with her husband and their rescue cat.

“I am retired from medicine, but I will never retire from health”

Anne McAwley-LeDuc